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Thai Customs new regulation for inbound shipment

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Thai Customs new regulation for inbound shipment

Dear All,

Per BKKFF advised that they received the GHA/TG’s announcement for the Thai Customs new regulation about inbound shipment.

(See attached file: C S A 022-09 .pdf)

Thailand customs set the penalty for any discrepancy case for inbound shipment into BKK Thailand. The keypoints of the statement was summarized as below:

1. The shipment which need to make amendment on AWB/HAWB such as CNEE name/HAWB No./Actual piece/Weight/Destination/ Commodity etc. after 48 hours counted on the time of flight arrival have to pay the Royal Thai customs for EDI message correction with penalty 1,000THB per AWB/HAWB.

2. The Royal thai customs not allow CNEE to clear partial shipment for all inbound to Thailand, so the CNEE must wait for the whole shipment in complete and clear together at the same time, if it is not make any amendment no need to pay for the penalty, but for strorage charge they still have to pay. In other words, if the cargo missing case happend and need to make amendment and clear other pcs so they have to pay the penalty(missing pc consignee may claim to CAL for next further).

3. This new regulation fits only for the inbound shipment with destination into Thailand(CI current online stations as BKK/CNX/HKT), also for all THAILAND customs airport. However, the interline shipmnts transfered at Thailand airport e.g. BKK/CNX/HKT are not involved.

4. The storage charge for shipment to BKK without AWB/HAWB will be calculated as normal shipment. In case cargo o/b but still missing AWB/ HAWB and consignee unable to clear shipment must wait for original AWB/HAWB, so they have to pay the storage charge by below standard:

Free storage charge for 2 days/48 hrs counted on the times of flight arrival.

The overdue rate for storage charge by weight as below.-

Every 50 kgs will charge  =  62 THB(62/50=1.24 THB/KGS average).

Minimum charge is 100 KGS = 62×2 or 100×1.24 = 124 THB.

The price will charge up to for every 50 kgs. such as 101 kgs will charge for storage as 150 kgs= 62×3 = 186THB  or 1.24 THBX150 kgs = 186 THB as the same amount.

other example.. 2008 kgs will raise up to 2050 kgs, 599 kgs will charge only 550 kgs.

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Freight ForwarderThai Customs new regulation for inbound shipmentThai Customs new regulation for inbound shipment
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