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Airports Council International (ACI) elects new chairman

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Airports Council International (ACI) elects new chairman
Source: ACI

The ACI annual assembly of the world’s airport executives today elected Mr. Max Moore-Wilton as the new Chair of Airports Council International (ACI), the global airport trade association, to serve for a two-year term. He succeeds the current Chair James Cherry as of 1 January 2010. Mr Moore-Wilton knows the ACI association well, having first served as a regional advisor and then as a member of the ACI Governing Board and as Vice Chair of the Board this year.

In December 2002, Mr. Moore-Wilton was appointed Executive Chairman and Chief Executive of the privatized Sydney Airport Corporation. Under his leadership Sydney Airport achieved a greater commercial focus as Australia’s premier airport, while delivering sustainable returns to shareholders in a challenging trading environment. Mr. Moore-Wilton was appointed Chairman of Sydney Airport Corporation Limited in April 2006. He is also Chairman of MAp Airports Limited and Chairman of Macquarie Media Group. ACI Director General, Angela Gittens, in announcing the appointment of the new Chair, said, “We welcome Max as our new Chair at ACI. He has extensive experience in working with our association on the World Governing Board and has also served as head of the ACI Asia-Pacific Region Board. As we begin our steady climb out of a very tough economic year, Max’s extensive airport management experience and dedication to the field of aviation throughout his distinguished career will hold him in good stead. He has been an enthusiastic and committed member of our Board. I look forward to working with him over the next two years to ensure continuity in the work we have begun and in fine-tuning the way in which we serve ACI members worldwide.” In accepting the role, Mr. Moore-Wilton commented, “I am very proud and honoured to be elected as the new Chair of ACI. I have been actively involved in the work of ACI since 2006 as the President of the ACI Asia-Pacific region. ACI has a unique role in the aviation industry and we act as the voice of the worlds’ airports, representing over 1650 airports from all over the world. ACI has completed key achievements over the years, and the Board has paved the way for ACI to strengthen its structure and its ability to lead all airports in the world so that our voice is better heard. I am confident that ACI will continue to grow and evolve itself into the organization that advances the collective interest of the world’s airports. I look forward to working closely with all industry colleagues in this new position.” The Assembly elected as the Vice Chair Dr. Yiannis Paraschis of Athens International Airport SA. He joined Athens Airport in 1996, and after having served in various executive positions he was appointed Chief Executive Officer in April 2007. Dr. Paraschis serves also as Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Athens Airport Fuel Pipeline Company SA. Prior to joining Athens International Airport he worked for a decade in international management consulting. Dr. Paraschis obtained his M.Sc. in Industrial Engineering and his Ph.D. in Operations Research from the University of Hamburg in Germany. Dr. Paraschis has been an active member of ACI Europe when he first joined the Board in 2003, including two terms as President of ACI Europe (2007-2009), and he has served a three-year term on the ACI World Governing Board as well. Accepting this new role with the ACI World Governing Board, Dr. Paraschis commented, “I am delighted and honoured to serve as the Vice Chair of ACI World in a critical period for our association. Our industry is going through one of its most turbulent periods, which requires that the voice of airports be even more aligned and strongly heard at world level. I hope that my experience of having served as President of ACI Europe in the last 2 years will be of help to our world organization in areas such as economics, environment and sustainable development, which are of growing importance in our discussions with both our airline partners and our regulators at ICAO.” Ms Gittens comments, “We are delighted to have Yiannis accept this role on the World Board. He has been a strong leader on many of the issues being addressed in the European Region, including the ACI Europe environmental initiative Airport Carbon Accreditation. His airport hosted an international Airport Cities conference this year working to build a strong global community.” Ms. Gittens also warmly thanked James Cherry, who has served as ACI Chair for the past two years, “Jim has been a tireless leader during this tough period, working to build greater cohesion across the ACI organization and reinforcing the coordinated efforts of the World and Regional offices. He has listened closely to the concerns of all ACI members worldwide, attending each ACI Regional conference throughout his tenure and bringing those issues to the Board for action. He has given full support to building our training group and enriching our customer service programme. He has frequently spoken on behalf of the organization in key global forums and been a leader in raising awareness of airport management issues with aviation industry partners and stakeholders. His efforts have made our voice stronger in speaking out on airport views and needs.” Mr. Cherry addressed the conference at the opening session this morning, “This is a very special occasion for me since this is my last opportunity to address you all as Chair of ACI World. I can’t believe how quickly my two-year term has gone! The past two years have indeed been turbulent ones. But the tough times we’ve all been experiencing have also offered an invaluable opportunity for all the key players in the aviation industry to pull together and forge closer ties. I think it’s fair to say that ACI has also become more respected and recognized at ICAO, a development for which I’m especially proud. We have increased our presence within the regulatory body. And the influence and the role of airports are better understood at the world organization.” ACI also recognized the contributions of Board members who are completing their terms at the end of 2009, including Dr. Wilhem Bender (Fraport), Mr. Pierre Graff (Aéroports de Paris), Mr. Geoff Muirhead (Manchester Airports Groups), and Mr. Javier Marin (AENA). Mr. Muirhead will remain as an observer representing the European region. Ms Gittens also welcomed new Board members: Mr. Tonci Peovic (Dubrovnik International Airport), Dr. Michael Kerkloh (Munich International Airport), Mr. Stefan Schulte (Fraport), Mr. Juan Ignacio Lema Devesa (Aena) and Mr. Ben DeCosta who will join as of 1 January 2010 for a 3 year mandate

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Freight ForwarderAirports Council International (ACI) elects new chairmanAirports Council International (ACI) elects new chairman
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